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Ajou University ranks 11th in the 2018 Joongang Ilbo University Evaluation
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Ajou University climbed one spot to rank 11th from 12th last year in the 2018 Joongang Ilbo University Evaluation, which assessed fifty-seven four-year universities with at least four colleges from among the humanities, social sciences, engineering, natural sciences, medicine, and the arts and physical education.


The University received 172 points in the Evaluation.


By category, it ranked 10th in Efforts and Achievement in Student Education, 14th in Reputation, 15th in Faculty Research, and 16th in Educational Environment, and performed particularly well in the diversity of foreign students (4th place), the number of faculty members (15th), student participation in on-site internships (4th), student participation in business start-up education (1st), and willingness to recommend the university (10th).


Seoul National University topped this year's Joongang Ilbo University Evaluation, with Sungkyunkwan University and Hanyang University taking 2nd and 3rd places, respectively, followed by Korea University (4th) and Yonsei University (5th).


The Joongang Ilbo applies 32 criteria for a maximum of 300 points in such categories as Faculty Research (10 criteria, 100 points) and Educational Environment (12 criteria, 100 points), Efforts and Achievement in Student Education (6 criteria, 70 points), and Reputation (4 criteria, 30 points). In Faculty Research, more points are given for paper citations than the number of published papers, and the individual college averages are considered. As for student participation in on-site internships, the payment that students receive is also considered. The Reputation criterion is based on surveys of 550 staff members in charge of human resources at private and public corporations and 550 high school teachers.

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