[Notice] [Summer Sem.]Additional Dormitory Application & Payment

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  • 2024-06-17
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Additional Dormitory Application & Payment 

For Summer Semester 2024

We will take additional applications for students who have not applied for dormitories for the summer semester. 

Please refer to the schedule below. 

-Due to the tight schedule, please make sure to check the deadline and apply,pay on time.

-The process for applying and paying for the dormitory remains the same as before. 

  Please refer to the previous post for details.

  *Link: [2024 Summer Sem.] DORMITORY APPLICATOIN NOTICE | 생활관(영문) ( 

  *Link: DORMITORY REGISTRATION (PAYMENT) for 2024 Summer sem. | 생활관(영문) ( 

- The rooms will be randomly assigned.

  If someone else has already been assigned to the room where you lived during the spring semester, 

  you may not be able to live in the same room.