Hwahong hall


The name of international dormitory, ‘Hwahong Hall (Hwahong Kwan in Korean)’ is derived from the word ‘Hwahongmun’. It is the gate under which the ‘Suwoncheon’ flows on entering the area encompassed by ‘Hwaseong’, which means “beautiful rainbow-colored gate”. The gate has 7 arches through which water can flow, with a heavy current, the spray caused from the cascading water creates one of the 8 magnificent views of ‘Suwon’.

The 5-storey building, Hwahong Hall, is the Undergraduate, Graduate, International Student and Guest Housing at Ajou, accommodates 10 of single rooms, 94 of 2 beds and 48 of 4 beds and total 152 rooms with 390 residents and is located in the middle of ‘Woncheon Dormitory Complex’. The Complex offers a diverse range of living environments to meet a variety of student life styles.

Rest rooms are on 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th floor. A religious room, laundry room and gym for your physical training are located on the basement. Also, there is a kitchen, which has refrigerators, a microwave, appliances, purifiers, hot water system, halogen stoves and sinks on the basement. The study rooms are on 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th floor. 

Moreover, on each floor we have wash rooms, toilets, shower rooms. Room furniture for 4 beds is equipped with wall installed central cooling and heating system with personal desk, closet, bed. There is also free internet services and you can watch TV if special hardware is installed.

Hwahong hall