Call at 119 in case of emergency (No area code is required)

Suwon Nambu Police Station (Foreigners Human Rights Protection Center)
  • a. Investigation support activities such as rescuing criminal victims and identifying perpetrators
  • b. Receive reports on wage exploitation and notifies concerned institutions
  • c. Receive proposals on improving the foreigner support policy
  • d. Prevent & Resolve chronic bad behavior (extortion, gambling) among migrant workers
  • e. BBB interpretation service (☎1588-5644): 17 languages including English, Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese
  • f. Telephone: ☎ 031) 899- 0376, 0176
In case of fire
  • a. Please follow the guidelines. Do not make confusion and do not be swept by the confusion.
  • b. In places where many people gather together, great confusion may be occurred. And please follow the evacuation map posted on wall of each floor.
  • c. When there is a fire, there places become filled with smoke. Stay low to avoid inhaling smoke while moving to a safe place.