• Opening hour is 08:00 to 19:00. It is located on first floor of cafeteria building.

For laundry, you have 3 options, electronic washing machine, manual washing or you can use laundry located in basement of cafeteria building. Coin-operated electronic washing machines and free manual washing are available on each floors’ washroom. The price of using washing machine and dryer for one basket (approx, 4kg) is two of 5oo coins each. The prices of items in laundry room are translated in English. If you need any help, contact coordinator office (Tel. 031-219-2149, laundry room Tel. 031-219-2292)

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Extension Number

Every room in dormitory is equipped with one telephone jack that provides unlimited local calling access. All are free to connect to dormitory room and any department in-campus. Each of the telephone in the rooms has a unique four digit number, with 210 at the beginning.

+82 -(0)31-210-[extension number]

Just press extension, ‘4’ digit numbers to connect to each resident’ room and press ‘82’+ ‘extension number’ to other places. ‘210’ is an exchange number of dormitory room and ‘219’ for other place in campus.

Collect calls cannot be accepted. If residents are found accepting collect calls, she/ he can be expelled. When you need to know how to use an international calling card, click here.