Welcome to the Ajou University Dormitory!

Ajou university dormitory “Woncheon Dormitory Complex” is located in the cozy area where the Ajou people are living. The complex, opened in March 1973, consists of a total of five buildings. The residence halls, which are equipped with modern facilities, are the home for more than 2,586 domestic students as well as international students. The dormitory complex accommodates males and female students to live in.

Equipped with various facilities, we try our best to provide a pleasing and relaxing environment for students’ life. In addition, our primary missions are to create a wonderful dormitory, which promotes an enjoyable college life, a friendly bonding in a home-like atmosphere and to accommodate a variety of personalities. As a commitment to these missions, we try to provide a better living environment by investing in amenities and facilities.

To give our international dormitory a global images, more than 500 international students have been assigned separately in Hwahong Hall and International dormitory. With Multicultural backgrounds, the dormitory gives opportunities to students to interact with each other and broadens their perspective of international ambience.