Guidelines for International Student

Eligibility to Move In
  1. New incoming students
  2. Registered students
    • Excluding those who were on academic probation in the previous semester
    • Excluding those who were given 30 points’ penalties and expelled from the dormitory

Note : Research students will be given rooms after registered students.

Selection Criteria
  1. The resident selection shall take place every semester.
  2. New incoming students will be given the priority.
  3. Selection criteria for registered students.
    • Registered students will be selected after the spots for new incoming students are filled.
    • The following selection criteria will be applied to registered students.(the youngest person will be given the priority) will be taken into consideration.
    • Returning/current resident students must move out of their rooms prior to the beginning of the semester if not selected.
      Unless selected students make full payment by the deadline, the vacancies will be given to those next in line on the waiting list.
Room Assignment Guidelines
  1. The room assignment will be handled by the Office of Student Housing & Residence with full consideration of applicants’ requests.
  2. The request period for room changes will be the first week of each semester. No change is allowed after the period.
  3. Students suffering from sleep disorders (snoring, teeth grinding, etc.) serious enough to disturb roommates cannot be accepted
  4. Students can choose from the two types of rooms including two-bedroom and four-bedroom. However, if supply is short, the Office of Student Housing & Residence may randomly assign the rooms. (As for new incoming students, rooms will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. As for registered students, rooms will be allocated in accordance with GPA.)
  5. Students will be categorized into groups of Undergraduate, Graduate School, Exchange Student, etc. when allocating the rooms. Therefore, returning/current resident students may be required to change rooms in accordance with the categorization.
Dormitory Application Procedures
  1. The dormitory application submission period for international students will be the same as local students
    • No application allowed after the deadline
  2. E-mail applications are not accepted and apply through application system in dormitory homepage.