Rules and Regulations

All residents should abide by the rules and regulations of the Ajou University Dormitory. We are maintained for students of all nations, races, and beliefs. These rules and regulations have been set for the purpose of promoting the convenience, security, and welfare of the residents of our dormitory, and to protect the dormitory’s property from misuse and abuse. You are expected to be willing to follow the dormitory regulations and to be submissive to the school authorities (dormitory staff members) and their instructions, so there will be minimum of disturbances and inappropriate behaviors.

Any violations against the rules and regulations will result in penalties as follows.

We consider that you’ve agreed to the dorm rules when you applied for the dormitory.

Penalty Criteria of Dormitory
Table for Penalty Criteria of Dormitory
1 Those who drop out of school or take leave of absence from school EVICTION
2 Those who are arrested for crime
3 Those who are suspended or received disciplinary measures over suspension from school
4 Those who are using dormitory room by other's name or staying with non-residents in dorm room
5 Those who are engaged in something dangerous behaviors like drinking, gambling, fighting, stealing, causing fire, etc.

If empty bottle of liquor or alcoholic drink (including for cooking) is found in the dormitory room, it might be considered as drinking.

6 Those who are doing unscrupulous acts or decided as a disqualified for cooperate life in dormitory
7 Those who are trespassing on dormitory
8 Those who let a different gender enter into the dormitory room or floor
9 Those who violates Infectious Disease Prevention Act
10 Those who did not submit documents regarding infectious diseases designated by legal authority
11 Those who smoke inside of the dormitory
12 Those who change rooms without approval 15
13 Those who spread fabricated information or slander (through internet) 15
14 Those who do not follow university officials' instructions 15
15 Those who cook at other places except designated places, especially in your room 10
16 Those who damage, renovate or relocate dormitory properties without approval 10 (compensate for loss)
17 Those who disrupt or interfere others with making noise or a fuss in dormitory etc.
e.g. disturbing roommate's rest after returning drunken, playing music loud in show room, turning light in the room in the midnight etc.
18 Those who use or bring in inflammables or appliances that might cause fire, like electric products including mat, cushion, heater, stove, rice cooker, TV, iron, portable gas stove, fridge (above 50L) etc at dormitory 10
19 Those who hand over student's ID to others 10
20 Those who disrupt others after being drunken (includes storing liquor in the dormitory) 10
21 Those who bring in or raise pets (animals) 10
22 Those who do not participate in orientations, fire safety education or fire drills 10
23 Those who do not hand in requested documents for submission
e.g. Tuberculosis Test (only valid for 1 year)
24 Those who let non-residents in dormitory room 10
25 Those who neglect duty of keeping clean dormitory rooms and cooking/eating places 5
26 Those who do not wear mask
27 Those who do not put dormitory facilities or personal stuffs where they belong after using them 3
28 Those who scribble, post or distribute unauthorized materials 3
29 Those who hang laundries in public places, especially in show room 3
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  • The violator of the clause from above criteria will be waived penalty points if getting approval from the director of students housing and residence
  • If your accumulated penalty points reach 30 points, you will be evicted from the dormitory. And the dormitory fee will not be refunded back to you.
  • Those who were evicted from the dormitory cannot re-apply for the dormitory while in school. (Including the person with aggregate 30 penalty points)
  • Penalty points imposed will be lapsed next year. (Penalty points will be valid for 1 year)

Behavior that disrupts or interferes with the orderly functions in or around the On Campus Housing community is prohibited.

Additionally, acts or behaviors that disrupt or interfere with others’ normal use of facilities or privileges are prohibited.

Failure to identify oneself to, or comply with the directions of a University official (such as Resident Assistants, Resident Directors, Community Service Officers, etc.) or resisting or obstructing such University officials in the performance of or the attempt to perform their duties is prohibited.

Students must be in possession of their Ajou University ID Card at all times and present it to University personnel upon request.

Ajou University ID Card is the property of Ajou University and is non-transferable.

All other persons within the On Campus Housing community must be in possession of and present valid photo identification to University personnel upon request.

Persons who fail to provide appropriate identification may be required to leave the On Campus Housing community.

All residents and guests are expected to be considerate of noise levels, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Noise (including, but not limited to voices, amplified music, televisions, musical instruments, radios, etc.) must be maintained at all times at a level which does not disturb any other resident. Residents are expected to comply with the requests of others to reduce noise levels at all times.

All new students are expected to fill out the check list form for dormitory access (the paper will be provided when you enter the dorm for the fisrt day from a security officer), measure and record your temperature on it(you can ask to a security officer to check your body temperarture or use the checked temperature on the secreen of temperature detector machine in front of the gate) and follow personal hygiene practices to prevent COVID-19.

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Quiet Hours

During Quiet Hours it is each resident’s responsibility to be certain that no noise can be heard outside of her/his room/suite or in neighboring rooms, halls, shared common spaces, or outside of the building.
Quiet Hours -from 10pm to 7am

If student works late and he/she comes into the dormitory late, he/she should refrain from noisy activity in whole residence hall and respect other students who are studying or sleeping.


Please be mindful of others sharing the common kitchen space, and use your common sense in helping us keep the area clean and functional.

Here are also some basic courtesy rules to follow so we can keep the kitchen space running smoothly.

  • ① Read and follow all signs in the kitchen.
  • ② Wash all dishes that you use, but do not leave them lying in the sink.
  • ③ Clean up any spills on tables and counter tops.
  • ④ Wipe out the microwave after use particularly if your food splattered inside.
  • ⑤ If you use a sponge, please rinse it out before putting it away.
  • ⑥ Sponges are to be used only for dishes.
  • ⑦ Throw away or recycle any wrappers, containers, peelings etc. that you no longer want.
  • ⑧ Do not leave leftovers on counter tops. Please label (food sticker), date, and put away anything you wish to keep in pantry/refrigerator.
  • ⑨ Respect other people’s labeled foods.
  • ⑩ Anything that is left out unlabeled will be considered to be common property, and may be consumed or thrown away.
  • ⑪ If you intentionally wish to leave something in the kitchen to share something with others, please write “Share” on it and date it.
  • ⑫ During COVID19 situation, we recommend that less 5 people should use the kitchen at one time and sit in space at tables.
The 2nd Wednesday is the cleaning day for fridges.

Let’s ensure we don’t have a skunky fridge with forgotten food in there for weeks.

If you don’t want something thrown out, please leave a post saying “버리지 마세요.” on the item and put the food sticker of the month. The food stickers of the month are prepared at near the window of the security office all year long.

Personal Property

Ajou University dormitory will not be responsible for any loss or damage to personal property stored or left on dormitory premises..

Thou shall not steal.

Lunch theft may seem like to be small potatoes, but in a communal environment, it’s a big deal. He/She that will steal an egg will steal an ox is being an aphorism.

Never take anyone else’s lunch or stuffs knowingly without asking. (We have CCTVs everywhere. If the person who was stolen the food or stuff wants to find the guy who got his/her belongings, the guy can be a criminal. Even though it was a mistake, you may not be forgiven. This is applied for Article 5 and the consequence is eviction from dormitory, and never come back. )

If you see something running out (paper towels, sponges soap, etc.),
please ask cleaning staffs for them.