International Dorm


The International dormitory is located on the east side of the Woncheon Dormitory Complex. It is a 9-storey building with 203 rooms for 2 persons and 406 people living there, and various facilities are provided for the convenience of students.

On the first floor, there is a fitness room, laundry room, and unmanned delivery room. The male's rooms are on the 2nd to 5th floors, and the female's rooms are on the 6th to 8th floors.

There are kitchen (refrigerator, water purifier, water heater, microwave, halogen range, sink, etc.), TV watching room, and lounge. In addition, each floor is equipped with washroom, toilet and shower.

Each room has desks for 2 people. Wardrobes and beds are provided, and air conditioning/heating facilities are provided so students can live comfortably. Internet access is provided free of charge.

  • the Front view of the International domitory
  • the Front view of the International domitory