[Notice] 2024 Fire Facility Comprehensive Inspection

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  • 2024-06-17
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Notice of 2024 Fire Facility Comprehensive Inspection

Pursuant to Article 22 (Self-inspection of Fire Facilities, etc.) of the Fire Facilities Installation and Management Act, we will be conducting the '2024 Fire Facility Comprehensive Inspection' as follows. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

A. Inspection Items

1) Automatic Fire Detection System (Detector) Operation Test and Fire Alarm Test

2) Each Floor Zone Alarm, Emergency Broadcast Equipment Operation Test

3) Evacuation and Rescue Equipment (Induction Lamps, Ropes, etc.) External Inspection

4) Fire Hydrant and Sprinkler Water Supply Pump and Gas Fire Extinguishing Equipment Operation Test

5) Fire-resistant Door (Including Roof, Automatic Closing Device) and Fire Curtain Operation Test Based on Fire Connection

B. Inspection Targets and Schedule

- 6.27(Thu) |  Hwahong Hall, International Dormitory

- 6.29(Sat) | All Buildings Fire Alarm Test (Activating Bell, Emergency Broadcast Sound)

* The schedule is subject to change depending on the inspection situation.

C. Additional Information

1) During the inspection, we will visit all residential buildings and there may be fire-resistant shutter openings and fire alarms, so please understand any inconvenience.

2) If a room is unoccupied during the inspection, we may enter the room without prior notice using an emergency key, and if necessary, inspectors may enter locked or closed rooms, so please understand any inconvenience.